Rope Partner's Lightning Protection Systems services featured in Windpower Engineering and Development

May 25, 2022

Rope Partner's Lightning Protection Systems services were featured Windpower Engineering and Development.

When Rope Partner assesses a turbine blade to test lightning protection, their technician will use a low resistance ohmmeter, like the Megger DLRO2. The instrument is a handheld 2 Amp low resistance ohmmeter which has the capability of measuring the resistance between the turbine’s blade tip to the ground connection at base.

Applications that require long test leads are not a problem for the DLRO2 as it has a dedicated long test lead mode that optimizes the instrument to work with very long test leads. This mode is able to provide up to 1 Amp of test current into 4 Ohms resistance.

The DLRO2’s ability to test with up to 3.2 Ohms total resistance at 1 Amp means significantly enhancing your safety when working on wind turbines!

Learn more about our Lightning Protection Systems services.

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