Blade Maintenance and Repair

For over a decade, We have partnered with owner/operators to pioneer blade maintenance programs, helping our clients develop proactive, preventative strategies to maximize budget and save on repair costs, especially catastrophic blade failures  through regular inspection, analysis and timely repairs. We apply multi-access solutions for the most cost-effective and highest quality results.

Wind Turbine Blade Repair - Technicians working from aerial platform
Fiberglass blade repair by two WindCorps technicians

Advanced Blade Repair

Rope Partner is increasingly called upon to complete complicated repairs of blades otherwise considered for replacement. We offer engineered repairs to uncommon damage avoiding costly and unnecessary blade replacements.

We have experience in all blade models, understand their characteristics and what is required for long-lasting repair.

Large Multi-Layer Fiberglass Repair on Wind Turbine Blade

Aerodynamic Upgrades

Our partner Powercurve offers aerodynamic upgrades designed to increase annual energy produced (AEP) and limit noise. Products such as Powercurve’s vortex generators have a proven impact on AEP produced by upwards of 3-5%.

Two Rope Partner technicians cleaning wind turbine tower