Why Rope Partner?

High Quality

The foundation is our people then training and process. With a commitment to building a sustainable company and long lasting industry relationships, the importance of quality cannot be underscored.

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Our work requires real-time flexibility for greatest cost-effectiveness. We deliver with great communication, training, process efficiencies and a multi access approach. No re-do’s.

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Project Management

Our team delivers client value, managing projects to success through our refined operational process and experienced leadership. Our supporting operational team is deep, never leaving client communications unanswered and limiting project delays.

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Global Reach

With a foundation in industrial rope access our teams can nimbly mobilize to most international locations. Having worked in over 12 different countries we have the experience to execute your project smoothly.

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Environmental Commitment

Rope Partner is confident in our ability to offer exceptional services while thoughtfully caring for our planet.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our Environmental Commitment with all of our clients and partners and keenly seek new opportunities for improving ours and others environmental practices.

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In addition, Rope Partner has developed WindCorps® training and certification programs for many of the services we perform, including inspection, rescue and repair. Our training programs are constantly evolving and are widely regarded as the industry standard.

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