Gladiators Technology

Rope Partner has acquired the leader in wind turbine power-washing technology, enabling reliable progress and limiting downtime, no matter how dirty the wind turbine.

Gladiators patented cleaning tool, utilizing citrus based cleaners and microbes to eliminate hydrocarbons along with extensive water waste removal measures has proven to be the most cost-effective turbine cleaning solution for internal/external towers, nacelle, spinners/hubs and blades.

Gladiator Industrial Cleaning


Do your policies require 100% full containment of all hydraulic and gearbox oils and other soilents? Rope Partner’s GreenClean™ approach ensures use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and 100% containment and proper disposal of soiled rags. Tried and true time and materials approach to all internal or external areas of the wind turbine; hub, nacelle, tower, blades.

Two Rope Partner technicians cleaning wind turbine tower
GreenClean™ Wind Turbine Tower Cleaning

Mold Remediation

Internal towers with ventilation issues, or high humidity environments can create a possible health risk to the workers that occupy them as mold can form. Where there is concerning mold, Rope Partner takes on the specialized  task of its remediation using proven strategies and cleaning agents.

Turbine Mold Remediation Services