Taking Responsibility

As a proud member of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, Rope Partner and its WindCorps® technicians are firmly rooted in and committed to conserving the environment we are blessed to live and work in.  As a company comprised of outdoor enthusiasts, we naturally seek creative, efficient, and sustainable methods to service the wind industry, just as we seek to reduce our impact at home and in our natural playgrounds.

At the same time, Rope Partner recognizes that we necessarily create impact through our daily operations.  In response, the Rope Partner Conservation Committee continuously strives to monitor our environmental footprint.  This committee, coupled with the rest of our WindCorps® and management, has identified a number of practices throughout our company which reduce our environmental impact:

Reducing Our Impact

  • Careful selection of necessary chemicals, sourcing the least toxic solutions possible.

  • Proper disposal of hazardous waste in partnership with our clients.

  • Conscientious selection of air travel and vehicle options.

  • Participation in carbon offsetting through Plant-A-Tree Program.

  • Reduction in consumable products on projects and in our corporate office.

  • Reuse of many tools and materials through careful cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

  • Recycling items in the field and office such as batteries, rags, ropes, etc.

  • Green Clean solution for contaminated tower cleanings which guarantees 100% containment.

  • Primary purchasing consideration for office equipment given to Energy Star or EPEAT certified devices

  • Santa Cruz Green Business Certification achieved January 2013

Rope Partner is confident in our ability to offer exceptional services while thoughtfully caring for our planet.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our Environmental Commitment with all of our clients and partners and keenly seek new opportunities for improving ours and others environmental practices.