We start by carefully defining the scope of the project and sharing our experience from similar projects. Founded in 2001, our depth of industry experience ensures that when you work with Rope Partner you get a well thought out project estimate that is both realistic and accurate. The scale and complexity of many of the projects we handle are such that a company without this experience would likely subject the client to unnecessary expenses. The underpinnings of our approach are simple: communication, customization, safety and reporting.

"Our Professional Project Management methodology uses proven Fortune 500 disciplines to ensure that your project runs smoothly."
Blade leading edge repair


Clearly delineated lines of communication and responsibility mean you know what’s going on with your project from day one. It also means knowing who to talk with to get your questions answered quickly and who is accountable if there are concerns.


At Rope Partner we don’t sell you a “one size fits all” solution. We know that each project is unique and we ask the right questions and put the time in up-front to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. We put the correct number of technicians with the right skill sets and high-quality tools necessary to meet time and quality requirements while operating with the highest safety standards.


Before the project begins, we work with our technicians to analyze potential hazards to design work practices that eliminate them before they occur. For the hazards that must remain, we minimize the severity and duration of exposure to the risk of the work through protective gear, and creative and intelligent work practices. There’s no better hedge against hazards than employing smart, well-trained and attentive technicians.


Our articulate and tech-savvy WindCorps®  technicians and Project Managers work hard to keep you apprised of the progress of your project through exemplary reporting and as much direct communication as you need. Rope Partner excels in delivering detailed reports. When the work is complete you can be confident that you will have a comprehensive, precise document that gives specific details of the work done.