Rope Partner is the premier provider of rope access maintenance, inspection and performance enhancement services that require specialized access approaches.

Our roots are in the wind turbine operations and maintenance market where we refined our business practices and developed a reputation for uncompromising safety and high quality results.  In the last eighteen years, our rapid-response WindCorps® technicians have completed several thousand projects for every major manufacturer and the majority of wind farm owners. By partnering with these clients, applying safe, cost effective, and environmentally appropriate solutions, we reduce turbine downtime, increase production based availability and ultimately the life-span of our client’s turbines.

Nice job summarizing the effort put forth and the findings. I appreciated the professionalism and the responsiveness of the team.  I believe they were key to the success of the project. Thanks to all.

Thomas Converse

GE - Engineering Manager

We enjoyed having your crew on site. Both Jack and Matt were consistently hard workers with a strong professional attitude and kept safety at the forefront of their assignment.  We welcome them back any time!

Jeremy J. Clarke

Tawhiri - Plant Manager

We all think your teams are above and beyond other companies in the industry.  Actually, we do not want to work with anyone else if you have the teams available.

Joe Spoonhower

Senvion Wind Energy Solutions - Regional Service Manager

You provide the most step by step comprehensive reports in the industry.

Mathew Cromwell

Invenergy - Lead Engineer

To sum up the work performance, your crews had meticulous attention to detail, great workmanship and a foremost concern for safety.

Rick Mattioda

Iberdrola - Plant Manager

They have on numerous occasions performed difficult blade repairs under challenging weather conditions all with outstanding results. We recommend them without hesitation.

S. Douglas Levitt

CalWind Resources

Again, as always I appreciate your flexibility and the crews’ professionalism.  Your guys are great, and it is always a pleasure working with them.

Matt Allsup

Lone Star - Senior Operations Manager

I trust you more than any other company to do complicated repairs.

Ronald Mon

Gamesa - Blade Services Manager

Rope Partner offers very professional rope access instruction. The Candidates I've worked with have been well prepared for the SPRAT evaluation.

Matt Hudson

SPRAT Level 3 Technician & Evaluator - Rhino Staging Inc.

Your techs are smart, hard working and very safety conscious.

Gabriel Drotleiff

Siemens - Sourcing Leader Americas


As the premier provider of specialized rope access services, our mission is to maintain and exceed our reputation through the work that we stand by. We are trusted for the uncompromising safety and unparalleled quality that creates innovative inspection and repair solutions. Our employees and clients excel because of our investment in building the most talented and knowledgeable technicians, the most efficient business practices, the highest quality tooling and the most effective training programs.


Driven by passion, we seek to create a greener planet by repairing and maintaining renewable energy sources, a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. We continue to build a team that is rooted in integrity, caring, and personal empowerment. We are a community that values safety and excellence over a low-cost solution. We are proud to successfully balance teamwork and hard work while respecting employee's lifestyles.


Rope Partner’s history lies at the intersection of mountain climbing and the early “megawatt” wind energy industry.

In 1998 founder Chris Bley, an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist, was climbing in Joshua Tree National Park where he met a pair of enterprising climbers, Robert Jatkowski and Frank Seltenheim. They had started an unusual niche business in the former East Berlin, offering their climbing and access skills to churches and construction sites that needed work done at hard-to-reach heights. In 1995 they were hired by world-famous environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to execute the complicated wrapping of the Reichstag, which further pushed their experience in the evolving field of rope access. In 1999 Chris visited Berlin and found the two climbers were increasingly being courted by another industry—the wind energy sector. At the time Germany was easily five years ahead of the U.S. in wind power development and as Robert and Frank were beginning to specialize in wind energy, Chris was inspired to work with them and establish a U.S. presence in the nascent industry, giving birth to Rope Partner.

From these humble, grass roots beginnings, Rope Partner has developed rapidly. Eric Stanfield returned to the United States as Rope Partner CEO in 2007, after nine years of managerial positions across Europe. Along with his talented and deeply committed management team, Eric has steadily built Rope Partner’s reputation for integrity, trust and quality that forms the foundation of today’s market leading position. Over the years our pioneering rope access technique has become the international benchmark for efficient, cost effective and environmentally appropriate wind turbine maintenance solutions.

Rope Partner Technicians standing under sunset


We are nothing without our technicians. Our highly trained at height access technicians are second to none in consistently delivering value to our clients through clear communication and ability to juggle the challenges a project may present.

Rope Partner has developed the specialized WindCorps® training and certification program for many of the services we perform in the wind energy market.

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Company Culture



Being fanatically responsible about the superior service we deliver



We maintain a suite of service and product offerings that reflect our continual innovation of our products, technology, and processes.



Valuing safety and excellence over a low cost solution



Celebrating balanced team work and hard work while respecting our team’s lifestyles.



Building a community rooted in integrity, caring and personal empowerment



Being committed to conserving the environment we are blessed to live and work in.

Certifications and Membership

Rope Partner maintains certification and membership in all governing bodies overseeing our industry and hold training certifications from many of our OEM partners.

In our business there is no fundamental value that we prize higher than the safety of our team, and yours. Being an active member in good standing of these organizations is merely the outward facing manifestation of our core beliefs. Of course, it also ensures that we stay abreast of all current industry standards and best practices.

Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)

SPRAT is based in the United States and is dedicated to promoting the safe development of industrial rope access standards in the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond – Member since 2001.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

AWEA promotes wind power growth through advocacy, communication, and education – Member since 2001.

Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA)

CANWEA promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy in Canada – Member since 2004.