Rope Access

Rope Partner technicians utilize an industry standard rope access system that enables complete 360° access to the tower, nacelle and blades. The technicians are comfortably suspended and can move freely around the inside or outside of your turbines quickly and easily. When necessary, separate bearing ropes and hauling systems are used to lift heavier equipment, tools and materials needed for the job.

We specialize in servicing the wind industry with extensive experience across all areas of the turbine, internal or external, independent of height or manufacturer type. Rope access is ideally suited for maintenance of remote or hard-to-reach sites in disparate locations.

"It is now proven and accepted that no other access technique provides the same level of efficiency and flexibility for the vast majority of work scopes performed on the hard to access areas of turbines."


We have developed a reputation in the industry as the go-to team for rapid response. In many cases our technicians can be on your tower, working before others can even determine what is needed to be done.


The flexibility of our approach means we can have a team on the way to even the most remote location often within hours of receiving notice that a problem has occurred.