SPRAT Rope Access Courses

Rope Partner has been certifying rope access technicians since 2002. At each level of our rope access training courses, you will learn both how to perform rope maneuvers and rescues as well as how to analyze rope access systems. Rope Partner certifies to the U.S. based Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Training Facilities

Our purpose-built facility at our company headquarters in beautiful Denver, CO offers students the chance to learn and demonstrate all the required SPRAT skills in a safe and monitored simulated working environment.

SPRAT Certification System

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians is a non-profit agency that develops standards for both rope access work and company and worker qualification. SPRAT sets rigorous standards for technician training and evaluation. Certification is based on a three level system, where a combination of training, examination and logged work experience is required to advance between each level of Rope Access; from Rope Access Worker (Level I) to Rope Access Lead Technician (Level II) and finally Rope Access Supervisor (Level III). While each rope access candidate is trained by one of our in-house instructors, each will be independently tested by an external SPRAT evaluator on the final day of the course.

Our Instructors

Every Rope Partner instructor is certified at SPRAT level III. They have each spent thousands of hours performing work around the globe in challenging conditions using rope access techniques, problem-solving ingenuity, and teamwork. Our instructors create a fun learning atmosphere and cater to each student's learning style to ensure you're fully prepared for the final day's evaluation.

Rope Partner's Denver Rope Access Training Facility
Rope Rescue Practice

Dates and Prices

Costs: SPRAT Level I, II or III Rope Access Training Courses cost $1500 including SPRAT Certification.

Discounts for US Military Veterans are available during course registration. To be eligible, participants must email a photo of their VIC to training@ropepartner.com within 5 days of registration, and before the commencement of the course.

Dates: View upcoming course dates here. We typically offer one external course per month from January through October, so check back often for new dates or feel free to contact us at training@ropepartner.com.

SPRAT Level 1 / 2 Course Dates

Visit our course registration page to view upcoming course dates and make a booking.

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SPRAT Level 3 Course Dates

Please contact training@ropepartner.com to make arrangements

Rope Partner offers very professional rope access instruction. The Candidates I've worked with have been well prepared for the SPRAT evaluation.

SPRAT Level 3 Technician & Evaluator - Rhino Staging Inc.

Rope Partner does a fantastic job of training. The key to their success is that their trainers are very well chosen. Rope access trainings are hard work for students no matter what, but a good trainer will certainly give you an edge in passing.

SPRAT Level 3 Technician and Evaluator

Training FAQ

Do I need prior climbing or rope access experience?

No. You should be physically fit, at least 18 years old and be comfortable with heights. We’ll take care of the rest.

Where can I stay while in Denver?

We have a local information sheet that provides detailed information on local lodging, restaurants, entertainment. Download this sheet here.

Where are the courses held?

SPRAT rope access training courses are held at our headquarters in Denver, CO.

The Rope Partner Training Center is about a 45-minute drive from Denver International airport:

7367 S Revere Parkway, 1C
Centennial, CO-80112

Please email us for more information.

Can I avoid renting a car?

Uber and Lyft operate in the area, but your most reliable option is to rent a car.

Who runs the evaluations on the 5th day of the course?

Rope Partner hires an independent SPRAT certified evaluator for
all SPRAT courses we teach. These evaluations can end by mid-afternoon
for a level one candidate and last up to 12 hours for a level III
candidate. The length of the evaluation depends on the skill and speed
of the candidates, the style of the evaluator and the number of
candidates being evaluated.

What happens if I don’t pass the evaluation?

The evaluation consists of two parts: a written test and a practical test. If you fail both, you simply schedule another evaluation date and go through both parts again. You are not required to go through an additional week of training but should consider it. If you fail only one part (written or practical) you only have to retake that segment provided you wait 7 days but no longer than 60 days. If you wait longer than 60 days you must retake both parts.

Does Rope Partner hire from its courses?

Sometimes. Rope Partner is always looking for talented technicians and encourages independent rope access technicians to submit a resume if they are interested in being considered for work at Rope Partner. Rope Partner seeks rope access technicians with a solid work ethic, mechanical aptitude, common sense, and trade backgrounds including experience in composite repair, non-destructive testing, industrial coatings inspection and application and welding.

As a training company, Rope Partner seeks to develop a high level of trust with companies that send their employees to us for training. Rope Partner does not recruit/hire from the companies that send their workers to our training courses.

Please see our careers page for more information.

What should I do in preparation before the course starts?

Each course consists of four days of training and one full-day evaluation. This structure is the standard in the U.S. and in many other countries. It is however, a very tight timeline for learning a significant amount of information and technique. Please come to class the first day well rested and ready for an engaging and physically demanding week. You can give yourself a head-start by downloading and reading the SPRAT Safe Practices for Rope Access Work before you arrive.

What is your booking cancellation policy?

Customer Cancellations
Cancellations 30+ days before class starts: $100 cancellation fee;
Cancellations 14 to 30 days before class starts: $500 cancellation fee;
Cancellations within 14 days of class start date: No refund given.

Other Cancellations
While this typically does not occur, Rope Partner reserves the right to cancel a course up to 14 days from course start date. If Rope Partner cancels your course for any reason, you may choose to reschedule at no additional cost or request a full refund.

Can I challenge a higher level of certification? (Direct Entry)

For inquiries regarding direct entry into SPRAT, please see this page

I have another question about the course that isn't answered

No problem! Email us with any course specific questions at training@ropepartner.com