A Pre-Emptive Philosophy

As with the healthcare industry, there are situations where preventative maintenance is safer and more cost effective than emergency attention. When a routine maintenance program is undertaken with Rope Partner our technicians can pre-empt the need for expensive, reactionary repair jobs by spotting signs of trouble early. This proactive approach allows our customers to plan and budget for fleet wide issues and spread maintenance costs across the life of each asset. At Rope Partner, we take great pride in the integrity of our technicians and their ability to assess a situation, honestly and realistically. Our assessments are based solely on what is the right thing to do for the longevity of the asset. That’s the Rope Partner way.

Response Time

Our team is equipped to deploy the quickest method to service your project in the most cost-effective way. In some instances, less time and fewer personnel are needed to complete the work when applying a rope access approach than with cranes, heavy lifts and hoists. Savings can realized in man-hours, equipment costs and reduced down-time due to weather. This light and fast approach enables our rope access teams to mobilize and demobilize quickly, again saving our clients unnecessary delay costs.

Where larger equipment is necessary, the Rope Partner operational team will project manage to limit delay and enable efficient, timely and cost effective project progress.

Mitigating Site Damage

Rope access is inherently a light and nimble at height approach eliminating the need for heavy equipment and the associated added costs.

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