Rope Partner teams up with Edge Solutions to install new leading edge protection systems for wind turbine blades

June 29, 2022

DENVER, CO – Premier at-height wind turbine operation and maintenance specialist Rope Partner announced today a new partnership with Scottish firm Edge Solutions, to install the new “Armour Edge” protection for turbine blades – with a predicted lifespan of more than 20 years.

Armour Edge is a highly durable leading-edge protection shield that uses an ultra-tough thermoplastic material created specifically for wind turbine blades. The shields are operating successfully at a number of offshore wind farms in the Baltic and North Seas and present an enormous opportunity for the US onshore market.

Each Armour Edge shield is approximately one meter in length and custom formed to the exact blade type and then bonded into place by trained technicians. It is designed to enable rapid installation resulting in less downtime and installation costs.

“Feedback from technicians in Europe has been uniformly positive and we believe the durability of Armour Edge coupled with the speed and ease of installation will revolutionize the leading-edge erosion market”, said Edge Solutions Managing Director David Urch.

“Rope Partner is an innovative company with a strong commitment to safety, innovation and training and we are working closely with their expert technicians to ensure they are fully trained in the application of Armour Edge. We look forward to seeing the rollout commence in the field.”

“This new collaboration with Edge Solutions underscores our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality services to our customers to maximize the value of their projects,” said Eric Stanfield, CEO of Rope Partner. “Based on Armour Edge’s success across Europe, we’re confident in the immense value these innovative shields will offer our U.S. customers.”

A recent study by the UK ORE Catapult predicted the shields could have an operational lifetime in excess of 50 years


About Edge Solutions 

Scottish company Edge Solutions has developed its Armour Edge shield which is a game-changing approach to the costly problem of leading-edge erosion on wind turbine blades. Its precision engineered shields securely bond to the leading edge of blades to provide a simple to install, aerodynamically optimal, full-life protection that minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes energy production and return on investment.

About Rope Partner

Rope Partner is the premier provider of rope access maintenance, inspection and performance enhancement services for wind turbines, with a reputation for uncompromising safety and high-quality results. The rapid-response WindCorps® technicians have completed many thousands of projects for every major manufacturer and the majority of wind farm owners. By partnering with clients, applying safe, cost effective, and environmentally appropriate solutions Rope Partner is reducing turbine downtime, increasing production based availability and ultimately the life-span of its client’s turbines. Learn more at 

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