Dealing with Corrosion:

Corrosion is a serious detriment to the structural integrity of any wind turbine. Rope Partner offers an integrated approach of corrosion removal and new coating application for a cost-effective means of preserving your investment. With the capability to provide all materials and consumables, WindCorps® technicians combine significant coating experience with the use of specialized tooling to get the job done. All our work is completed in strict adherence to industry standards dictated by the National Association of Coatings Engineers, (NACE), ISO and the coating manufacturer. Our exceptional quality of work can be verified by our provided reports that detail every step of the repair.

Surface Preparation:

Rope Partner utilizes a variety of reliable and cost-effective techniques for achieving a clean, profiled and corrosion free surface profile.  This process maximizes adhesion of the coating regardless of repair size.

Application of New Coatings:

Wind turbine coatings technology is frequently changing and Rope Partner keeps abreast of innovations as they become commercially available. As a result, Rope Partner has the capability and expertise to apply coatings of any composition. Our preferred materials offer excellent performance and resistance to environmental conditions and have been proven over decades of use in the field.

No matter the size and scope of your coating requirements, Rope Partner can offer our clients an unmatched level of service and finish quality.