Rope Partner Teams Up with Gladiators Cleaning to Keep Wind Turbines Clean and Productive while Minimizing Downtime

March 27, 2019

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March 26, 2019

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New partnership brings advanced cleaning technology to the broader wind industry

Santa Cruz, CA - Rope Partner, a rope access maintenance, inspection and performance enhancement service provider, announced today a new partnership with Gladiators Cleaning to expand high-quality, safe, and cost-effective wind turbine cleaning services to new and existing clients with patented technology.  

“Partnering with Gladiators, we will now be offering internal and external tower cleanings, including blades and nacelles at a very attractive fixed price. Our goal is to enable our clients to better amortize technician mobilizations and reduce Standby by offering the ability to complete more work scopes while on site.  This new relationship perfectly aligns with this goal and we look forward to working with Gladiators, who we have found to have a solid safety culture, work ethic and an environmental awareness we respect,” said Eric Stanfield, President of Rope Partner, based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Cleanliness of wind turbines is important for worker safety, a clean environment, preventive maintenance, and for visual aspects, as well as maximum performance. In perpetual search of value-added services, Stanfield said Rope Partner is proud to be able to offer the most cost-effective cleaning service with the least production downtime. “Who knew that a commoditized service like cleaning could be improved upon? With this partnership, we’ve done it,” he said.  

The partnership with Gladiators, the leader in wind turbine power-washing, will help keep cleaning projects on schedule  no matter how dirty the wind turbine. Gladiators’ patented cleaning tool uses citrus-based cleaners and microbes to eliminate hydrocarbons, along with extensive wastewater removal measures. It has proven to be the most cost-effective turbine cleaning solution for the interior and exterior of towers and the nacelle, spinners/hubs, and blades.

“Gladiators believes, with our innovative cleaning techniques and Rope Partner’s operational skills, we will be able to provide our customers with the best wind turbine generator cleaning service in the industry,” said Broque Fraughton, Owner of Gladiators Cleaning. “Together we will be able to keep up with the demand at a competitive price for our existing clients and new clients to come.”

The Rope Partner team will attend the upcoming Wind Operations Conference in Dallas, April 16-17, and is available to discuss the enhanced wind turbine cleaning services further.

To schedule appointments at the conference or otherwise, please contact Joshua Crayton, Rope Partner, at

About Rope Partner

Rope Partner is the premier provider of rope access maintenance, inspection and performance enhancement services with  a reputation for uncompromising safety and high quality results. The rapid-response WindCorps® technicians have completed many thousands of projects for every major manufacturer and the majority of wind farm owners. By partnering with clients, applying safe, cost effective, and environmentally appropriate solutions Rope Partner is reducing turbine downtime, increasing production based availability and ultimately the lifespan of our client’s turbines. Learn more at

About Gladiators Cleaning:

Gladiators, started in 2007, specializes in industrial cleaning. With our patented Wind Turbine Cleaning Apparatus, we have made wind turbine generator cleaning safer, faster, and more cost-effective for our customers. We clean to provide a safe work environment, environmental cleanup, preventive maintenance, and for visual aspects. Safety is our number one priority and we are proud of our efforts to be environmentally friendly. We strive to be an industry leader in wind turbine cleaning by offering safe, efficient, and high-quality cleaning services while always respecting our environment

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