In a perfect world all blade repair would be done on the ground—but that’s not the real world. This reality means you need a team that can produce structurally sound repairs to manufacturers specifications, 200 feet off the ground — which is where we live.

Repairing fiberglass is both an art and a science. There is a right way and a wrong way but at the end of the day, the quality of the work is determined by the skill level and attention to detail of the technician. When it comes to rebuilding the entire length of a wind turbine blade’s leading edge there are no short-cuts. A disciplined, rigorous and fastidious attitude is what it takes to get the job done and you can count on Rope Partner to deliver just that.

Regardless of whether a blade was damaged in transit, during erection or delaminated by a lightning strike, Rope Partner’s WindCorps® technicians have the tools, skills and mindset to restore your damaged blade to optimal condition.

Experience and history matter for wind turbine blade repair. In the US alone we have performed significant repairs on over 1400 blades, changed out over 1300 receptors, replaced hundreds of aerodynamic stall strips, installed VGs on over 150 blades,  and performed over 4000 blade inspections, both internal and external. These include end-of-warranty as well as high-profile serial case inspections for well-known blade manufacturers. We have worked in factory settings assisting in post-production serial case remediation and non-destructive testing. Rope Partner has also been involved in several manufacturer and end-user pilot projects. We have extensive experience and extremely conscientious blade technicians that can be of considerable value to you in meeting your blade service needs.

Rope Partner’s fiberglass program was initially developed in 2004. A leading blade manufacturer trained several of our technicians in all aspects of wind turbine blade repair, from minor surface damage to entire tip replacements. We then integrated this knowledge into our WindCorps® technician training (a combination of in-house trainings and on-the-job mentoring), and have participated in other manufacture and third party trainings, constantly leveraging opportunities to expose our technicians to new technologies and work practices. We have performed extensive non-destructive testing operations for blade manufacturers using thermography to identify factory defects in blades and have been called in to oversee quality assurance for several major remediation projects.

Our technicians are comfortable working on both epoxy and polyester based blades. In addition to blade repair we also provide a complete suite of fiberglass and blade services including:

  • Aero packages including vortex generator, gurney flap, stall strip, and Z-tape installations

  • Installation and replacement of leading edge protection

  • Rotor blade pitch bearing seals

  • Nacelle and spinner fiberglass repair