Ryan Gardner


What were you doing before joining Rope Partner?

I was fresh out of undergrad with a BS in Geology, building fences for my brother. I had known I was going to try to work for Rope Partner for my final semester of college, and I was very determined to learn as many beneficial skills as possible to ensure I would be hired on as a Wind Corps Technician.


Why did you choose this career?

I love hard work that is worth doing. Technical and challenging work that gives me the opportunity to test myself day in and day out. Caving had taught me how to use rope to access difficult to reach areas and I was looking forward to putting those skills to use in an industry that I believe and in. The Rope Partner lifestyle has enabled me to travel to places all over the world providing a large amount of time off. Last year I traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, Mexico, and many parts of the United States while working with Rope Partner and in my time off.  

What do you consider your life's greatest achievement to date?

I am very proud of the work I have done and the success I have had working at Rope Partner. Some of the projects and repairs I have done were very demanding and I consider being a Rope Access Supervisor/Fiberglass Repair Technician to be the most difficult challenge in my life. The hard work comes with huge rewards.

What's your most memorable Rope Partner project and why?

Summer 2020 at the Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island will defiantly go down as one of the most memorable tours I have had with Rope Partner. I was working with Tyler Vig, a Wind Corps level I worker. He did a fantastic job and we had a fabulous time working very long hours. We were staying in Newport, RI about a mile from the beach. I would go walk in the sand at sunset with my family and dog after I got off most days. The project was coming to an end and all of the site technicians and contractors decided we wanted to have a cookout. Tyler and I picked up ribs, steaks, and lobsters and we had a great time grilling and preparing lobster rolls. We really got to bond with the site guys and other contractors during the project and it was nice to sit around a campfire with some beers and hang out with our new friends.

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