Jared Bryant

Why did you choose this career?
I choose this career to meld my skills and experience gained throughout the years working in industrial construction, enjoying roped adventures, and a love for difficult projects with challenging work environments.

What's your most memorable Rope Partner project and why?
It’s hard to list any single project. My most memorable moments involve a partner learning a new skill, or pushing through a challenging situation with grace and creativeness. Developing experience and skill sets while utilizing mentorships and real-world knowledge handed down through hard work and tested methodologies.

What were you doing before joining Rope Partner?
Before joining Rope Partner, I was designing and creating with various materials while sharing a passion for ropes and outdoor adventures. CNC Machining/ Metal Fabrication, Finish Carpentry, Historic Remodeling, Rock Climbing & Canyoneering Instructor, to paint it with a broad brush.

Why did you choose this career?
The recruitment process was very convincing. I was also impressed with the attention to detail required to excel in this industry, particularly at Rope Partner. This was a major appeal.

What's your most memorable standby day adventure?
Solid granite climbing in a few states with awesome partners ranks high. Also, moral meal cookouts, and the opportunity to get to know the partner you are working with outside of the daily norm.

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