What were you doing before joining Rope Partner?

I worked in the computer industry for a decade and had my hand in all aspects of real estate at one time or another, from renovating and flipping to renting properties.

Why did you choose this career?

My kids had grown and moved on to their own lives, I was independent, and had the opportunity to find a new way to contribute. I wanted an industry I could be proud of. I used rope often in my caving exploits, so a career in rope access intrigued me.

What do you consider your life's greatest achievement to date?

Being a good father. I really enjoyed raising my children in a rural setting in TN. I had time to be in their lives and I think that's important for men to do.

What's your most memorable RP project and why?

The repair we did for the Nome Joint Utility District, Nome, AK. These were two very large repairs from platforms in the most austere beautiful setting I could imagine. The team worked great together, we completed  the largest to date  repair in company history. Exploring that part of Alaska in our off time was an extra special  treat.

What's your most memorable rock climb or other outdoor adventure?

 I participated in a pull-down through the Ellison's cave system a while back, it was a great trip. A mile traversed underground in a fault.  First a few rappels culminating in a  440'. Next some fine horizontal caving across the fault zone then a 586' climb, among others.

What's the most amazing place you've visited with Rope Partner, and what's the best place you've been in your own time?

Again Nome was great. Musk Ox  grazing at the base of the turbine. Snacking on blueberries for days. Playing with foxes on the beach at ten p.m. Gold dredges land locked seven miles inland. Smoked Salmon  offered with hospitable glimpses into native life. My favorite solo travel trip was also to Alaska. I joined some friends for some heli-skiing and we flew out of Valdez. Thigh deep champagne powder and bluebird skies.  That said, the most magical places I've been are underground and it's truly an honor to be able to photograph Earth's inner workings.

What's the best story you have to share from being on the road with Rope Partner?

One time a coworker and I were in New Hampshire looking for a place to fish. We paid for licenses, got the guide books, we were really diligent about being legal. We found ourselves near a dam, which was noisy. I pulled a couple fish out right away and some guy on the other side was saying something and waving. I smiled like he appreciated my catch and release. Further down the river my partner lands a 4 pound Brown trout!! Where he was, the spillway wasn't as loud and another man across the river from us calmly told us we were spin fishing in a flyfishing only area. Gulp!! we hustled out of there, had to harvest the trout. Delicious!!

You've spent life at Rope Partner living out of a suitcase. What three items would you pack to a desert island?

Wet wipes for starters. Wait, how long is this challenge gonna last? Definitely need a  sun shirt, and of course a satellite phone

What sets rope partner apart?

Rope Partner is a unique company that contributes to the maintenance of the clean energy infrastructure that is becoming common place all over the country. It's a good feeling to know I am part of the solution. My work is exciting, fulfilling. I feel close and connected with my coworkers, there is a genuine camaraderie and pride in what we do.

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