The Rope Partner Team


Rope Partner is the premier provider of wind turbine maintenance, repair, and inspection services that require specialized access approaches. By applying safe, cost effective, and environmentally appropriate practices, we greatly extend the availability, operational longevity and life-span of our client’s turbines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain and exceed our reputation through the work that we stand by. We are trusted for the uncompromising safety and unparalleled quality that creates innovative inspection and repair solutions. Our employees and clients excel because of our investment in building the most talented and knowledgeable WindCorps® technicians, the most efficient business practices, the highest quality tooling, and the most effective training programs.

Our Vision

Driven by passion, we seek to create a greener planet by repairing and maintaining renewable energy sources, a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. We continue to build a team that is rooted in integrity, caring, and personal empowerment. We are a community that values safety and excellence over a low-cost solution. We also celebrate balanced teamwork and hard work while respecting employee’s lifestyles and are pioneers through continual innovation of products, technology and processes.

Our History

Rope Partner’s history lies at the intersection of mountain climbing and the early “megawatt” wind energy industry.

In 1998 founder Chris Bley, an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist, was climbing in Joshua Tree National Park where he met a pair of enterprising climbers, Robert Jatkowski and Frank Seltenheim. They had started an unusual niche business in the former East Berlin, offering their climbing and access skills to churches and construction sites that needed work done at hard-to-reach heights. In 1995 they were hired by world-famous environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to execute the complicated wrapping of the Reichstag, which further pushed their experience in the evolving field of rope access. In 1999 Chris visited Berlin and found the two climbers were increasingly being courted by another industry—the wind energy sector. At the time Germany was easily five years ahead of the U.S. in wind power development and as Robert and Frank were beginning to specialize in wind energy, Chris was inspired to work with them and establish a U.S. presence in the nascent industry, giving birth to Rope Partner.

From these humble, grass roots beginnings, Rope Partner has developed rapidly. Eric Stanfield returned to the United States as Rope Partner CEO in 2007, after nine years of managerial positions across Europe. Along with his talented and deeply committed management team, Eric has steadily built Rope Partner’s reputation for integrity, trust and quality that forms the foundation of today’s market leading position. Over the years our pioneering rope access technique has become the international benchmark for efficient, cost effective and environmentally appropriate wind turbine maintenance solutions.

Our Values


Being fanatically responsible about the superior service we deliver


We maintain a suite of service and product offerings that reflect our continual innovation of our products, technology, and processes.


Valuing safety and excellence over a low cost solution


Celebrating balanced team work and hard work while respecting our team’s lifestyles.


Building a community routed in integrity, caring and personal empowerment