WindCorps® Logo

Rope Partner has earned the reputation as the most trusted name in rope access wind energy services. Our award winning WindCorps® technicians have been successfully servicing wind energy sites around the world since 2001. Rope Partner has both the experience and the professional expertise required to service and maintain wind turbines for all the stakeholders in the Wind Energy Industry: Wind Farm Owners, Turbine & Blade Manufactures (OEMs), Independent Service Companies (ISPs) and Engineering Firms.

Our services are broken out into the following categories:

Inspection & Warranty Verification Services

  • Expert Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Complete rotor blade inspection and reporting
  • Tower can-to-can offset inspections
  • Fire Damage Root Cause Inspections

Wind Turbine Blade Repair & Rotor Services

  • Repairs from lightning damage and leading edge erosion
  • Aero packages including vortex generators, gurney flaps, stall strips, and Z-tape installations
  • Installation and replacement of leading edge protection
  • Replacing rotor blade pitch bearing seals
  • Nacelle and spinner fiberglass repair

Mechanical Services

  • Cable tray and bus bar
  • Inspection of cable pinch brackets
  • Dent removal on horizontal and erected towers
  • Modifications under tower landings
  • Conductivity testing and repair of lightning protection systems
  • Bolt torque testing and tightening
  • Corrosion retrofits

GreenClean™ Turbine Cleaning & Maintenance Services

  • Cleaning hydraulic & gear box oils from vertical surfaces
  • Nacelle and spinner fiberglass cleaning
  • Cleaning and removal of smoke residue
  • Application of epoxy tower paint
  • Application of weather caulking to exterior tower flange

Painting & Coatings

  • Certified internal/external tower coating solutions

Training & Consulting

  • Tower rescue and confined space training
  • Consulting on rigging systems, ergonomics, work instructions and other engagements